Plants – The Affectionate Care Of Them

Posted on 13 March 2009

young Umbrella Plants (Schefflera arboricola) started from seedPlants are gift of the nature. There are many varieties of plants; it is difficult to choose one out of all the varieties available. If selection phase is difficult the next phase which is taking good care of plants is more difficult. You have to take necessary measures for taking good care of plants for making sure that your plant remains healthy and alive.

It is important for you to select a plant of which you can take proper care. If you cannot take proper care of the plant then you must select a plant which doesn’t require lot of time for its care. There are many plants which don’t needs to be watered frequently (for example cactuses). On the other hand if you can offer more attention to your plant then you can select other varieties of plants of which you can take proper care.

If you want your plant to look like as you desire then you have to learn some basics about how to grow and care of plants. First important thing which has to be considered by you is that whether the pot is of correct size and does it have correct amount of holes needed for watering. Correct amount of holes is necessary because water has to run through the soil and back out of the pot. This will make sure that your plant is consuming sufficient amount of water which is essential. If your pot is not of correct size and it doesn’t have correct amount of holes required for watering then your plant will not be able to survive.

There are lot of varieties of pots also, some pots are shaped in such a way that they allow the excess water to sit in a plate like bottom or shallow pan. If your pot is designed in such a way then your plant can soak up the water when it is required. This will also prevent your plant from over watering. Sufficient amount of water is required by plants for their proper maintenance, over watering is dangerous for plants.

Next thing which has to come under consideration for taking proper care of your plant is you must place your plant at the right place. Sunlight is essential for plants. Place your plant at a place where it can get direct sunlight. Some plants requires sunlight for a long period, if your plant is the one which requires sunlight for a long period then you must avoid putting it in the shady area.

Above mentioned are basics regarding taking affectionate care of your plant.

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