The Needs of Seeds

Posted on 02 April 2009

grow-plantIf you are just a beginner in the gardening, you might want to know the needs of the seeds that you want to plant. Here are some tips that you can follow:

To germinate, seeds usually need two things: warmth and moisture.

Sterile potting soil is the best germination medium. A seed starting kit, where a seed-laden tray sits atop a moist mat, is a good way to start lots of seeds.

Harden off seedlings by gradually exposing them to outdoor weather.

seedsSeeds that fail to germinate often do so as a result of being too old, being planted too deep or too shallow, or as a result of toxic soil or improper soil.

Seedlings may die as a result of insects, fungus, improper watering, and incorrect lighting or, if growing in a home, a gas leak from a water heater or stove.

Additional tips in taking care of your garden:

seed-growDo not overdose your plants with fertilizer. And do not drown shrubs and decorative grasses with water. Too much watering prevents the deep root growth needed to anchor plants in the soil and keep them healthy and strong.

It may be tempting to pack more flowers and vegetables into a garden than space really allows. If you do, instead of a full and lush garden, you will get stunted plants that do not have room to grow to their full potential.

If you have a spacious yard, plant shade trees to shield windows from strong sunlight.

Remove debris and dried leaves from gutters and wells to prevent water from pooling near the foundation. Neglecting these could result in severe water damage.

Trim any branch near an air condition condenser so they do not obstruct the airflow or tangle with the fan. Shrubbery should conceal a unit but should never interfere with its function.

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