Organic Garden Supplies

Posted on 20 May 2009

organic-garden-suppliesIf you want to grow your own organic garden you must know about organic garden supplies. Growing plants organically is a good idea. Organic garden will assure you safe and healthy food and apart from this you will have a beautiful and charming garden outside or inside your house. Knowing the basics will help you in getting started with your organic garden. Apart from the basics you must know which things you must be using for the preparation of your organic garden and which things you must avoid. Having a general idea about organic garden supplies will let you know about the basic requirements of organic garden.

Organic garden supplies are not difficult to find, you can find them at home center, hardware store or at your local farm supplier. Organic seeds will cost you just a bit more then conventional ones. Organic seeds are pesticides free and contain no harmful chemical combinations. Avoid fertilized soils as they might contain harmful chemicals which are unhealthy for your plants. Always go for untreated topsoil, manure and compost. Organic garden supplies are cheaper comparing to the conventional garden supplies. It means that organic gardening not only assures you healthy food but also saves you some important money.

Other important supplies will depend upon the set up of your garden. If you are planning a garden outside your house you will need different supplies. If you are planning garden inside your house then you will need different organic garden supplies. If you are planning to setup your garden in a container then you must buy pots considering the size of the plants. Some plants become larger as the time progresses, they will need large place at that time, so you have to be careful at the time of the selection of pots. Try to set up your container on a wheeled platform so that you can easily carry your container from one place to another.

If you are setting up your garden indoors then you don’t have to worry much about pests and diseases. If you are setting up your garden outside then you must consider pests and diseases. As we all know organic gardening is all about avoiding conventional herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. You will have to get rid of them naturally. Fortunately, there are many organic garden supplies available which will help you in getting rid of these pests and other harmful diseases.

Having a general idea about organic garden supplies will help you in avoiding mistakes which most of the beginners do. Keep the above mentioned information in your mind and discover a healthy and charming organic garden inside or outside your home.

2 Responses to “Organic Garden Supplies”

  1. This is a great article. As an organic gardener for many years myself, one of the biggest mistakes I see some gardeners make is that they use soils and other materials enriched with chemical fertilizers. I do not think one can consider themselves an organic gardener if they use non natural, non organic things either in the soil or on the plants.

  2. Laura says:

    A great article.

    I think more needs to be done to encourage people to grow their own organic fruit and veg, whether they have a garden, patio or just a windowsill!

    It isn’t hard to grow your own little supply of fruit and veg, all you need is a windowsill or two tier greenhouse, soil, organic seeds and some 12 inch pots, hanging baskets or grow bags to move your produce in to!

    At the moment I am growing: basil, rosemary, oregano, mint, chives and strawberries on my windowsill and lettuce leafs, cucumber, onions, tomatoes and courgette in my little two tier greenhouse! All are doing really well and I am so pleased I took the time and effort to grow my own supply of Organic veg. There is nothing better than eating something that has gone straight from being picked to your plate!

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