Drip Irrigation for your Vegetable Growing Garden

Posted on 15 May 2010

Drip Irrigation for your Vegetable Growing Garden

The ability of drip irrigation to meet precise water requirements has made this one of the most important aspect of modern day irrigation. This system overcomes disadvantages that are faced by conventional irrigation system. Optimized usage of water makes it possible to save large volume of water. Drip irrigation will also be useful in reducing manual labor that is involved in watering plants. The automated drip irrigation system will be able to water different plants in an accurate manner. Required level of moisture for several vegetable plants can also be maintained with the help of this technique. With this technique, it is possible to obtain loads of tasty vegetable all throughout the year.


Planning drip irrigation for vegetable garden

Nowadays, different kinds of vegetable are grown in the same garden. The amount of labor that is involved in conventional watering system is too high. Manually watering all plants with sprinklers consumes large amount of time and energy. The option of using drip irrigation technique provides wonderful results and also completely eliminates labor that is required for watering of plants. Different vegetable plants require different volume of water, the usage of programmed system makes it possible to fulfill moisture requirements in an easy manner. In this manner, growth of plants can be maximized and high quality vegetables can be harvested.

Setting up efficient drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation technique more number of tubes that provides water supply in different regions of gardens. Care should be taken to maintain required level of pressure in each of the tubing such that vegetable plants will get access to essential moisture level. For plants like, it is enough if sufficient moisture level is maintained in the garden. Required moisture level can be maintained with the help of few emitter and bubble sprinklers. Similarly for tomato plants, usage of stream bubblers will provide effective supply of required moisture level. After installation of drip irrigation technique, it is well advised to determine the optimum water supply to plants. There are specialized micro drip irrigation systems that can through out small quantity of water. These specialized systems can be used very effectively for watering young plants growing in garden. With the help of sensors that are present in ground, it is possible to measure moisture level. From the signal being generated from sensors, it is possible to maintain constant level of moisture in soil throughout the day.

  • Required pressure should be maintained in pipes
  • Sufficient and constant moisture can be maintained
  • Optimized water supply to plants
  • Fully automated watering of plants
  • Micro drip irrigation for watering young plants

Advantages of drip irrigation

Drip irrigation system will be of great use in water conserving efforts. Since plants are watered in precise manner, there will not be wastage of water that will occur in this method. Usage of modular method of drip irrigation system makes it possible to prevent the top soil of vegetable plants from getting eroded away. The chances of growth of weeds are completely eliminated since random watering of plants is incorporated in this method. In this system, flow of water will be directed in such a manner they will reach roots directly. Thus, water enters the best region and increases efficiency of water usage. Usage of splitters makes it possible to distribute water flow into respective plants. It is also possible to perfectly time release of water to different plants in a fully automated manner.

  • Helps in conservation of water
  • Water exactly reaches roots of plant
  • Top soil erosion is prevented
  • No chance of weed growth between plants

Information about Drip irrigation Systems taken from Agriculture Guide.

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