Garden on a Budget

Posted on 09 January 2011

Gardening is often talked about as being a great thing for saving money. Growing your own vegetables, fruit and flowers can save money as it is cheaper than buying them. However, if you are just starting out and have no equipment then it can be rather costly. You may need to buy pots, tools, compost, seeds and fertiliser and these things will all add up. However, there are some ways that you can reduce the costs. If you have neighbours, they may be able to lend you their tools. Once you have got the soil ready for planting, you will not need many tools, maybe just a trowel or hoe.

You may also have friends and relatives that have done gardening in the past and now have tools in their sheds or garages that they no longer use and so it is worth asking around to see if you can buy them off them cheap. If you need small pots for growing seeds, then you could easily use margarine tubs, yoghurt pots and things like that. They will not last as well as the plastic pots you buy, but as they are free, you can always recycle them once you have used them. Larger posts are more difficult to acquire, but you might have or be able to be donated old buckets, crates and things like that. If you want the garden to look pretty, then this will not be the way to go and doing style on a budget can be more difficult. If you just want to have a practical garden then it is not so important and having interesting items with plants growing in them, can be an interesting talking point. Seeds can also be dear but you should plan well ahead and take seeds from fruits and vegetables and you will have them ready when it is the growing season. Compost and fertilizer can be hard to find cheap but you may find that you can source some manure quite easily. Also if you start your own compost heap, you should have no need for getting it from anyone else, once a few years have past. Once you start growing successfully, you could always sell your produce and use the money to buy more gardening equipment or use the savings you are making form not paying for so much fruit, vegetables and herbs.

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