Kirstenbosch garden counts in the top most excellent botanical gardens

Posted on 24 March 2011

In order to celebrate the abundant plant life found in South Africa, Kirstenbosch botanical garden was established in the year of 1913. Capturing some of the most beautiful scenes of Cape Town Mountains, this garden offers some excellent yet exciting walks. During the entire summer at nights there are various outdoor concerts organized at Kirstenbosch garden. Both, the young generation and the old generation enjoy attending these concerts. Several families plan their Sunday picnics every other week at this pretty spot. The one thing that is enough to explain the beauty of this place is; Kirstenbosch garden counts in the top most excellent botanical gardens on the planet; therefore, one cannot miss to visit this place if he is in South Africa.

There are about 20 thousand plant species in the entire South Africa out of which you can experience more then five thousand as you walk through Kirstenbosch garden. People who like to organize memorable picnics and spend some time away from all the stress and tensions recommend this place as the ultimate choice. This place can be said as the Cape Town version of Central Park in New York or may be Hyde Park located in London.

Cecil John Rhodes was the person who created this beautiful heaven on earth in the year of 1895 first. The garden today is accessible for the visitors more then ever since now it has a big gift shop to buy souvenirs and other items from along with a very nice restaurant to eat which is not that expensive either. Secondly, when you go towards the bottom gate there is another restaurant known as Silvertree Restaurant; one of the best places to eat in the entire Cape Town.

If you are visiting Cape Town during the months of December all the way till March then you should prefer spending your Sunday afternoons over at Kirstenbosch garden. Throughout these months there are popular concerts organized for the utmost entertainment. Get your picnic bag ready along with a nice and warm blanket; be a part of those hundreds of people who are there to enjoy some unforgettable memories.

Make sure you do not miss the walk that starts from Table Mountain summit going all the way to Skeleton Gorge; it is just unbelievably beautiful. If you have a limited amount of time or you do not really want to go all the way to the top; you can always catch the prettiest sceneries of the suburbs by walking for about 15 to 20 minutes only.

To have a great ending to the day you can always drive through the lush green suburbs of Rondebosch, Claremond, Newlands, Bishopscourt, and Constantia. Although you will pretty much end up spending your entire day at Kirstenbosch garden since the place’s beauty will not let you leave that soon but save some time to catch all the sights nearby on your way back too. Kirstenbosch garden is surely one of the most important places that keep Cape Town alive and the centre of attraction in South Africa.


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