Most people think that a garden can only be grown in a large area of land. This statement is completely wrong. You can grow a garden in small spaces also. Lot of people has backed off just because they don’t have enough space to devote to gardening.

There are some basic requirements of gardening in small spaces which has to be considered by you before planting. Although you will plant your garden in small spaces but still it will require sufficient amount of sunlight, water, nutrients and good soil.

Water is essential for plants. It doesn’t mean that your garden is small so it will require less amount of watering. Specific amount of water is required by each plant and it may vary according to weather and soil conditions. Relying on natural watering (Rain) must be avoided. You should consider watering your plants consistently. Over watering must be avoided as it can be dangerous for plants.

Next thing which has to be considered by you before gardening in small spaces is soil. Soil is one of the most important requirements of any garden. Soil prepared with organic matter is ideal. It is important to choose the soil prepared with organic matter because soil can affect on vegetables taste. Soil prepared with chemical fertilizers should be avoided as it will not contain the required amount of organic matters which are required.

When gardening in small spaces you must select vegetables plants that won’t crowd over each other.  Search for vegetables which are labeled tiny, baby and patio.

Succession planting is a technique which you can adapt while gardening in small spaces. This technique involves reseeding on quick basis. With the help of this technique you will be able to grow more vegetables during the growing season. One major drawback of this technique is that it cannot be applied on every vegetable. Beans and lettuce are best vegetables on which this technique can be applied. With this technique you will have a nice supply of garden fresh vegetables for all seasons.

Companion planting method can also be considered by you while gardening in small spaces. It means that you plant different vegetables in a small space. Carrots and tomatoes can be planted alongside cucumbers. Companion planting will encourage faster and healthier growth of vegetable plants and it will also safeguard them from pests and other diseases.

So now if you have limited space available for gardening then you don’t have to worry because you can start gardening in small spaces. Just follow the above mentioned tips and discover some natural beauty in you own backyard.