Only very recently organic foods are trying to pave their way quite stealthily in the modern super markets just for their superfine taste and food value that is quite intact within the food items. The craze is just on the move. Modern men are growing health conscious day by day. It is just the outcome. Even organic gardening is on the march just to make people aware of the danger of consuming food items prepared in inorganic methods. It is quite evident that at present in every corner of India inorganic manures are used in a rampant way just to facilitate the growth of crops in a massive scale.

What then

Thus the crops smeared with inorganic manures lead to fatal ailments like cancer as people have no other way than to consume them. Greed gets the better of common people in such a way that they without bothering of health hazards use inorganic items in the soil making it barren day by day. In the near future it is visualized that there would be no crops swaying their heads in the gentle breeze in rural India. Again if such trend goes on human civilization would be extinct from the surface of Indian soil. If organic farming is encouraged the earth can be totally free from poison and people can enjoy good health. But how it can be implemented it must be chalked out. Farmers should be made aware not to hug death or to sow the seeds of destruction on the Indian soil.

The method to follow

Furthermore, instead of using pesticides eco-friendly worms may be used in the fields to ward off the dangerous insects that cause harm to the crops. It is now seen in the foreign countries that being scared of total extinction they use organic methods. If they can do why do we lag behind? If organic materials may be squeezed out of the organic soil people may be rejuvenated. Besides, our future generation may breathe in a new environment where there would be no sign of poison around them. If we can offer a robust generation we must march forward to the better future. I think from the very beginning new techniques should be implemented. Farmers are made conscious of the grave situation. They must be assured that crops in abundance may inflate bank amount but it can bring death to him or his dear ones at any time.

How to fight back

Hence it is the only duty of the common people to hanker after organic products to give birth to a disease free society where there would be no dance of death. The only thing, we presume, is hard toil and a united effort. If we go through the pages of history we notice that the system of cultivation was adopted long ago, but people were happy to harvest a small quantity of crops. It was quite evident that they were aware of the problems arising out of the process of using in organic materials in the fields. They were not tech savvy like the farmers of the modern era, but they were more conscious of the well being of themselves and their dear ones.

When the soil was virgin and never used to put forth abundance of crops there was healthy glow on every face. As a result of organic farming there was no unwanted death as they are seen today. If instead of amassing bank balance the modern farmers of India follow the old patterns of farming then we can bid good bye to modern inorganic methods and would be able to lead a happy hazard free life. But it must be remembered that the task it not easy, it is enduring as well. We have miles to go before we breathe quite passionately in a heavenly atmosphere sans any complicacy.