Winter is gone and spring is right here. Spring is considered busy season for gardeners. Cleaning, pruning and planting is done is spring for having bountiful garden all summer long. It’s not an easy task, so make sure you only perform those activities which will give you more benefits in your garden.

In this article I will discuss some important gardening tips for spring which will ensure that you are performing those activities which will give a bountiful garden all summer long.

6 important gardening tips for spring are as follows:


You must clean your garden first. There can be debris left on your lawn is there was any snow in winter season. If there was snow in winter season rake up any debris left. Make sure that your soil thaw out the mulch. Afterwards put down new mulch but only after you see that you soil has thawed and warmed up. Also keep in mind that mulch stays away from the base of the plants.


Look out for the repairs in your yard. Cracks and other damages to fences and pathways can be cause due winter cold and frost. Also if your planning to paint your fences or pathways go ahead before the hot summer weather hits.


Pruning and trimming must be done in spring season but before that you must wait until the trees and shrubs in your garden have started growing new leaves. You can easily sight the dead and damaged branches. After sighting you can easily distinguish the dead and damaged branches with alive and healthy ones and you can easily get rid of the dead and damaged branches.


Another important tip for spring gardening is composting. For providing more nutrients to your soil you must add compost to it. If you have compost pile from last year you can spread composted soil on the top of your garden and if you don’t have compost pile yet you can start a new one.


For faster and stronger growth of plant make sure that they are properly placed in nutrient rich topsoil. Stabilize new plants with the help of stakes. Also keep in mind keeping new plants well watered. Keeping them well watered for two weeks will establish them in their new home quickly.

Cleaning Bird Feeders:

Last major tip for spring gardening you must make sure that bird feeders are properly cleaned. Before refilling them you must check them for any damages. If you have wood bird feeders damaged you can fix them but if you have plastic and glass feeders damaged then throw them out and replace them with new ones. You must take every step for avoiding injuries to the birds. After replacing old one with new one or cleaning the old one add fresh bird seeds to the feeder.

Above mentioned are 6 important tips for spring gardening. Follow these tips in spring and discover a healthy and beautiful garden in the upcoming summer season.