There are hundreds of different varieties of herbs. Although you can buy them from any local grocery store, it is much better to grow them in your own backyard. By growing them in your own backyard you can assure the long lasting availability of garden fresh herbs. This will uplift the taste and flavor of any dish and will make your gastronomic experience more enjoyable.

There are 3 different herbal plants types. Before going towards herbs growing tips, it’s important for you to learn about these 3 different herbal plants types:


These types of herbs live for only one season. This group of herbs includes chives, mint, lemon, oregano, sage, rosemary, basil and etc.


These types of herbs live for many years. Although in winter season they shake leaves but their roots remain alive and in spring season they again bloom into new foliage. This group of herbs includes balm, marjoram, catnip and etc.


These types of herbs live for two years. The first season is for growing and in second seasons seeds are formed. At the end of second season they die. This group of herbs includes plant like parsley and etc.

After discussing the types of herbs lets come towards herbs growing tips. With the help of following tips you can easily grow your own herb garden.


First important herbs growing tip is the choice of location. This is considered most important before growing herb garden. Choice of location purely depends upon the types of herbs which you want to grow in your herb garden. Most of the herbs need exposure to sunlight for six hours per day. While on the other hand some herbs grow in shady area like mint, dill, chives and etc. So selection of location completely depends upon the types of herbs which you want to grow in your herb garden.


Next herbs growing tip is you must plan the soil type before planting your herb garden. Soil requirement of particular herb might differ from the others. Make it sure that your soil must not be over fertilized. It will reduce the essential oil content of the herbs and also kills the flavor of the herbs. You must prefer moderate rich soil.


For proper care of your herb garden you must design a proper drainage system for your herb garden. Make sure that your soil does not contain extra water as it can be dangerous for your herbs.

Taking Care Of Your Herb Garden

Last thing you must do is take good care of your herb garden. Normally herbs require an inch of water per week. So you must assure that you are providing them sufficient amount of water daily as well as weekly. Although herbs have the inherent ability to safeguard themselves from pest and disease attack but still they can be attacked by insects like aphids and etc. Make sure you safeguard your herb garden from these insects.

Above mentioned were some important and relevant herbs growing tips through which you can easily grow your own herb garden in the backyard.