Flowers have natural tendency to attract people. Now day’s many people are engaged in flower gardening. Before planning your own flower garden you must know how to plan your flower garden carefully.

For beginners, it’s very important for you to consider flowers that will grow well in your area. Location is another major aspect which must be taken under consideration. The location of your flower garden will mainly depend upon the different varieties of flowers that you have decided to plant in your garden. You must plan the location in such a way that your flowers get the right amount of sun and shade. Make sure that your plans don’t get too much water, so you must avoid over watering. You must water your plants according to their needs and requirements.

Soil is another thing which plays a vital role. If your soil is sandy, you must add compost and peat moss. Addition of compost and peat moss will make your soil moisturized and it will also enable your soil to hold moisture very well. On the other hand, if you have clay soil, you must add some compost and sand to encourage better drainage. Remember, you must add compost to your soil as it is very important for any garden. Always consider organic matters for flower gardening.

After location and soil comes planting. It’s important for all beginners to know how to plant your flowers. Don’t plant your flowers to deep; water might end up draining away before it can reach the roots if you plant flowers too deeply. Flowers which are planted deeply will not blossom according to your perception.

You must plant combination of annuals and perennials flowers together. This will ensure that your flower garden will blossom through out the year. Perennials are flowers for all seasons while annuals will blossom in a particular season.

Another major aspect of flower gardening is taking proper care of your flower garden. You must get rid of dead blossoms in summer (especially annuals). Make sure that you throw the clipped blossoms far way from your garden, as dead blossoms can spread several diseases in your garden.

You must add some beneficial insects in your garden such as butterflies, beetles and bees. These insects are important for pollination. In order to get rid of some other insects which are harmful for flowers, you must add mantis, dragonflies, ladybugs and other in your flower garden.

Last important thing concerning flower gardening is the appearance of your garden. Color scheming is most important when It comes to the appearance of your garden.

Above mentioned is a small beginners guide for flower gardening. It’s important for all beginners to properly follow the above mentioned guidelines in order to obtain best results.