Growing vegetables at your home can be fun. It will keep you engaged in activities and most of all the health factor will come under consideration. You will ensure yourself that you will be consuming healthy and fresh vegetables which you have grown in your garden.

Although when it comes to growing your own vegetables in your vegetable garden the most confusing question which comes in the mind is how to start a vegetable plot? The answer to this question is very simple; there are some basics which you have to keep in your mind before starting your vegetable plot. In this article I will share step by step procedure through which you can easily start your vegetable plot.

  • First major thing is the positioning of your vegetable plot. You must position your vegetable plot in such a way that it should get a minimum of six hours of sunshine. As you already aware that sunlight is essential for plants. Proper positioning for your plot will ensure that your crops get sufficient amount of sunlight.
  • Next important thing to consider is the type of soil. Most suitable type of soil for rich and healthy growth of vegetables is sandy loam. You must also remember that you must add compost to your soil. Organic compost must be preferred over chemical fertilizers. You must add compost under the top layer of soil as well as around your plants.
  • Layout of your vegetable plot is also important. You have to make sure that your plot is at ground level and your rows should be planted in a north-south direction for gaining maximum sunlight. There should be plenty of space between rows, so that you don’t have to face problems when you harvest your vegetables.
  • Plant different vegetable plants in the same area. This will add more varieties to your vegetable plot.
  • Transplanting alongside your seeds can be a good idea. This will help in the maturing of crops much earlier, meaning you will have fresh vegetables earlier than waiting for seedlings to mature.
  • Use new and fresh seeds when you sow. It is recommended to use new and fresh seeds because older seeds will not germinate properly and will result in poor first crop.
  • Last important thing is try to have a plot close to your house. Although this is not compulsory to have a vegetable plot close to your house, it’s because even when it is pouring with rain your can rush out and get fresh vegetables.

After going through above mentioned procedure you can easily start your vegetable plot. Grow you favorite vegetables in your own house.