When is the best time to plant vegetable garden or vegetables plants? The answer to this question is very simple but it can vary. Best time to plant vegetable garden depends upon the climate where you live. If you want to plant your vegetable garden on a particular date then it’s not possible. A particular date cannot be provided to you because planting date will purely depend upon the weather condition. Because of variations in weather it is not possible to provide a specific date for planting vegetable plants.

One of the funniest part of gardening is not only beginners can commit errors and mistake but even best gardeners can commit mistakes and errors too. They can lose plants due to unexpected frost or an early winter which was totally unexpected.

According to planting manuals it is necessary to set seed in the latter part of the winter for growing vegetables in spring. For summer vegetables you must set seed in the first part of spring and for fall vegetables you need to set seed in the middle or latter part of the summer.

You must be certain that the weather stays around 50 degrees in the evening when you planning to plant spring vegetables plants. Warmer weather around 60 to 70 degrees is much better for planting summer vegetables. “Cool Season” and “Warm Season” stated on the labels completely refers to the temperature outside means it depends upon the temperature not on climate or time of year. Some vegetable plants may not be suitable for planting on one part of the country but can flourish in other parts during same times of the year.

Some vegetables can flourish in low winter temperatures like cabbage, peas, onions, broccoli and etc even though it’s not recommended. Planting a vegetable garden in early spring can be a better choice.

Some vegetable plants will not survive if they are grown in weather that is less than 50 degrees like peppers, melons, tomatoes, eggplant and etc. For maintaining them you can one method which is shielding them with a plant protection apparatus. These shielding apparatus can be cloche and many others. Other method which you use is you can cultivate them in a greenhouse.

Whenever planning a vegetable garden keep in mind that you must plant warm season vegetables after the last frost. Take all these measures under consideration before planting vegetable garden or vegetable plants. These options will ensure healthy and safest growing of your vegetable plants.

Apart from this information you can look for recommended times and planting zones listed on the back of seed packets. Remember for best results you must plant your vegetable garden or vegetable plants on recommended time.