If you are using wood in the construction of your house or you want to purchase wooden furniture then before you make any decision you should know the types of woods available in the market. You should have thorough information on which wood is sustainable, which is cheaper, which of poor quality and which one should be used in the construction of a house and which one in the furniture. When you will have the correct recognition of the types of wood only then you will be able to make a sound decision that you will not be regretting later. Although this research asks for time and effort but you will see in the long run that it will be of great worth.  

The sustainability of the wood depends from where it is extracted, meaning the specie of the plant. However, over the years the quality of wood that we get today is far lower than what its ancestors use to be. There are many reasons behind that, mainly being that due to human environment they have become more susceptible. Now they get various kinds of diseases, pollution harm them a lot and due to the large demand of timber, the timber companies cut down lots of trees and what they plant instead is not as stable as it could have been in the past. This does not mean that we should not plant excessively even if we are cutting down only one tree. What we should do is that we should plant them in the natural areas away from humans and pollutions so that they can grow in the wild in a way they are suppose to. On the other hand, we should make our environment less polluted.

However, at the time of purchasing timber, you should check whether it has come from a certified company who has the authority to extract timber from forests. This will confirm whether the company is using legal or illegal means to cut down trees. The certified companies can only cut down trees when they plant three or four species of trees in return.

Bamboo is the kind of wood that is strong and most people use. The quality of this tree is that it grows back within a small span of time as compare to other trees. So you should consider purchasing bamboo wood.  Besides that, the list of sustainable wood includes Radiata Pine, Jarrah, Oregon, Western Red Cigar and the list goes on.