Tropical plants are always planted in houses because the maintenance of these plants is simple when compared to other plants. These plans are mostly local in the living regions. These home gardens can be made beautiful with wide varieties of plants.

Angel Ivy, the most popular plant has many varieties distinguished by shapes and forms and is known for artistic look. It is the live model for blooms and vines that will have prominent look in any place where it is kept.

Angel Ivy

Fichus tree, known for its beautifying look and a great central point is one of the popular houseplants. Herbs are mostly used as houseplants. They are mostly used for Cooking so that it can add a good flavor to the food. Only small herbs are planted in houses.

Bonsai tree, illumination type of plant is one of the trees planted in houses. This is a tropical plant in which excessive growth can be controlled by constant cutting of leaves and roots. They are old type of plants originated from Asia.

Bamboo tree
Bamboo tree

Bamboo tree, one of the house plants produces leaves in green and yellow colors. Lucky bamboo is one of houseplants but it is not exactly a bamboo. Small palm trees’, having many decorative varieties is also planted in houses. There beautiful appearance of these trees attracts many people to grow these plants in their houses.

Flowering plants are the mostly used house plants because it can be used for indoor purposes also. They give a beautiful appearance to the gardening area. Only small flowering plants are planted in houses.

 Only few more varieties can be used as houseplants but the only precaution should be followed that the gardener must monitor the growth of the plants in a good manner.